Lesson seven: Share

Yes coffee has magical powers!!!! (Drinking some now)

Over Coffee

Coffee brings people together. In so many ways and places, you can probably think of numerous examples of family, friends, and coworkers meeting over steaming cups of coffee to exchange memories, thoughts, ideas, and plans.

This is the truly magical power of coffee.

Coffee is meant to be shared. Historically, coffee was served in community and ceremonial settings as a group activity. Throughout the 18th century, coffee houses in London were centers of commerce and debate. Each coffee house would cater to an industry, trade, or political persuasion.

The tradition remains to this day; coffee is a social experience. In today’s coffee shops you still find people sharing experiences, ideas, and plans. Even those who are working by themselves gravitate to coffee shops to feel connected to those around them, even while working in solitude.

All this to say, coffee is meant to be shared and enjoyed. It is a…

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What you know about cupcakes?

So I could never forget Betty Crocker cupcakes from way back when. Actually… I’m guilty. I still bake cupcakes from the boxes. Any who I recently went up to New York and had a cupcake from Carlos’s bakery. Most definitely an unforgettable taste. It’s that dessert that just falls apart after a bite, because of how perfectly moist it is. I’ve been longing for that taste again so I set out to find some fab cupcakes here in austin. Here are some pictures of day 1 adventure.

Oh hey it’s just me here in search of a FAB cupcake.

This is a lovely cupcake from Blue Baker in Austin, Texas. The icing was the absolute best!

Thanks for reading!

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Did I mention I just got back from New York? Just Kidding… haven’t mentioned much lately . F&B really has me working, but I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else. It’s nice when your career and passion can come together… a blessing if you ask me. Not many people can say that what they do for a living causes them to be genuinely happy. But I’m not finished yet! You see Ive worked very hard to be where I am today, but I am young and I know it will take some time for people to recognize such devotion. Sometimes we feel, what is it? Over worked and under paid? If you love what you do and you are willing to grow professionally and personally than my advice to you is to listen. Listen to your boss, listen to your co-workers and listen to those with experience, because you will learn and most importantly you will grow. Followed by that you get paid!!




I had a blast… that is all.

Just a few of my favs

Just a few of my favs

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Flavor San Antonio






This past week was an amazing foodie event hosted by Current magazine in San Antonio, Texas. Four all-star chefs, and 25 local restaurants attended the event and so did SHEKNOWS Blog… or myself! There was great food, great drinks I’m sure (Not of age) and most importantly flavorful food! We had Chef Jesse Perez of Arcade Midtown, Stefan Bowers of Feast, Jason Dady of the many Dady restaurants, and Steve McHugh of Cured. Dadys level of energy could not be matched, Bowers was calm, but diligent. McHughs was cool, coasting a great coach and Winner of Contest Jesse Perez who obviously knows flavor! Once again there were 25 local restaurants in attendance and I had dozens of mini exquisite meals. Here are some photos of the event! Enjoy!

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Dianne’s Fish bar







Venturing out to Dianne’s Fish bar for the first time is quite a treat, especially when you take in all the small details that make this restaurant fun and unique. It reminds me of the type of place a cool mermaid would go to eat. The menu options are vast and you will likely want to return to try them all. The service was really great – a balance of providing recommendations in a professional manner while still having a sincere friendliness – sometimes hard to come by. The fish and chips were the crispiest I’ve ever had. A definite pit stop both in winter and summer months.

Try the: Valencia cocktail, Fish and chips, poutine, and tacos

Ambience 4.5/5
Food  4/5
Service 5/5
Price 3/5
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Stephen Starr outdoes himself at Serpico

Gastronomical Me

This weekend I was looking for a culinary adventure that would electrify my senses. I was searching for something edgy that pushed the boundaries of Philly’s gastronomic scene. But just as importantly, I craved a sexy interior design, a capable staff, and a stellar bar.

Serpico, renowned Philadelphia restaurateur Stephen Starr’s latest restaurant, seemed to fit all my criteria. This contemporary American restaurant, headed by award-winning chef Peter Serpico, has been deemed “the year’s best new restaurant” by Philly’s restaurant critic Craig LaBan and called Philadelphia’s “hot newcomer” by Drew Lazor in Bon Appétit magazine. After some deliberation, I decided I had found my nugget of gold tucked away on 604 South Street.

Restaurant Week Supper + A. Kitchen_0203Entering the dimly lit interior, the décor was simple, elegant, and modern, with black chalkboard style walls, polished bare wood tables, chrome accents, and a bustling central kitchen.

Restaurant Week Supper + A. Kitchen_0195A short wait became a 45-minute wait (despite having…

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